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Tales, Rumors, and Gossip (1996)

Tales, Rumors, and Gossip
Choking dobermans, department store snakes, vanishing hitchhikers, LSD tattoos -- these tales intrigue young adults and can provide an effective springboard for learning. Take an in-depth look at contemporary legends (commonly referred to as modern urban legends and often told as "true") and learn how you can use them for teaching across the curriculum.

This book offers a fascinating overview of the genre and an analysis of its role and significance in society, followed by a broad sampling of tales -- from old standbys like "Spiders in the Hairdo" and "The Hook" to more contemporary accounts, such as "Friday the Thirteenth Computer Virus." Discussion and research topic suggestions can be modified for any age group, but this is an especially effective resource for those who work with young adults.

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Tales, Rumors, and Gossip
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