Piled Higher and Deeper (1990)

Piled Higher and Deeper

College isn't just a training ground for life. It is life, -- a society and culture all its own, with customs, beliefs, jargon, legends, and jokes.

In Piled Higher and Deeper, folklorist Simon J. Bronner takes a long, engaging look at the experience of American campus life and how it shapes the cultural and social values of all who pass through it.

The menacing profs, fumbling jocks, and curve-setting dweebs are all here, along with bed races, bar brawls, and a rich assortment of tales, rituals, and practical jokes. Bronner shows us orientation, exams, cheating, Greek life, drinking games, homecoming, spring celebrations, graduation, and more as he examines the social, cultural, and psychological development taking place in America's institutions of higher learning.

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