The Beheaded Freshman and Other Nasty Rumors (1993)

The Beheaded Freshman and Other Nasty Rumors
From the author of Southern Fried Rat and Other Gruesome Tales comes twenty-one more outrageous stories of strange tales, mayhem and ghastly mistakes. Get a grip on your chair for the latest collection of absolutely true but bizarre stories, from accidental beheadings to "Whoops, I tossed the baby from the train."

Consider the story of a maniac who axed a sleeping camper to death and escaped into the woods. The maniac has never been found, yet years later the sound of his crazed laughter still echoes through the woods. Then there's the tale of the little white rabbit, dead and buried, who suddenly reappeared, much to the owner's surprise. And the even sadder story of the corpse on its way to the morgue who was jolted awake by the bumpy ride, only to meet a most unfortunate fate just moments later . . .

So settle down, pull the covers up, and be prepared to believe the unbelievable!

This title is no longer in print.

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