Sony: The Private Life (1999)

Sony: The Private Life
An eminent expert on Japanese culture draws on unparalleled access to Sony's archives and executives to craft a revelatory portrait of the passions and loyalties that have driven Sony to its greatest triumphs and most notorious debacles.

John Nathan pulls the veil from one of the most spectacularly successful and secretive postwar corporations. From its inauspicious beginnings amid Tokyo's bomb-scarred ruins to its role as the world's chief purveyor of electronics and mass culture, Sony's is one of the signal fables of our age. Nathan dissects the fable and uncovers persuasive evidence that Sony's biggest triumphs (color TV, the Walkman) and most calamitous failures (the demise of Beta, the botched takeover of Columbia Pictures) emerged from the dizzying web of intense relationships that have always permeated its top ranks.

Nathan charts this emotional web as no other writer has or could, by drawing on his unmatched expertise in Japanese culture and his unique access to Sony's inner sanctum. The result is at once an engrossing chronicle of astounding entrepreneurship and a poignant account of loyalty's consequences. With authority and wit, Nathan dispels the myths that surround Sony and crafts corporate drama at its apex.

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Sony: The Private Life

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