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The Big Book of Urban Legends (1994)

The Big Book of Urban Legends
You know these stories. You're heard them all before, at parties, on the train to work, in elevators, in the cafeteria, on television talk shows. They're supposed to be true stories. But as you hear them unfold, you get the sneaking suspicion that they're too good, too perfect, too outrageous to be true.

And guess what? They're not true. They're urban legends, or "FOAFS" (friend-of-a-friend stories). Hundreds of these tall tales have circulated all across America, being told and retold by the foolish and the gullible.

But not you. Not anymore. Not with The Big Book of Urban Legends in your hands. For the first time, some 200 of the most popular urban legends have been gathered together in a single volume and hilariously interpreted by nearly 200 of today's most popular comic artists.

They're all here: from standards like "The Microwaved Pet" and "Alligators in the Sewer" to campfire classics like "The Hook" and "The Roommate's Death." But while you may have heard these stories countless times, you've never seen them like this!

With an introduction and notes by best-selling author and folklore expert Jan Harold Brunvand, the legends are grouped by subject into chapters, all designed to make you an instant authority at the next party where "amazing but true" stories are told.

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The Big Book of Urban Legends
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