Penis Captivus Has Occurred
British Medical Journal
5 January 1980

Penis Captivus Has Occurred

Sir, -- In reply to Dr. F. Kraupl Taylor's article on penis captivus (20 October, p 977), which was recently brought to my attention, there can be no doubt but that I have seen a case of this seemingly rare condition.

The year was 1947 and the case occurred when I was a houseman at the Royal Isle of Wight County Hospital. I can distinctly remember the ambulance drawing up and two young people, a honeymoon couple I believe, being carried on a single stretcher into the casualty department. An anaesthetic was given to the female and they were discharged later the same morning.

In view of the number of letters that have recently been written on this subject I rang my old friend Dr. S. W. Wolfe, who is now in general practice in Bridgwater, and who was the other houseman at the hospital at the time. He confirmed my story, his exact words being, "I remember it well."

London NW4 4AY

*** Although the correspondence on this subject was closed we are making an exception for this one letter as it reports personal experience of a case.-- Ed, BMJ.