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Home --> Politics --> Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

Ratings Key

        Green bullet = true
        Red bullet = false
        Multiple status bullet = multiple truth values
        Yellow bullet = undetermined
        White bullet = unclassifiable veracity

Select this link for an expanded
definition of our rating system.

Green bullet Mitt Romney transported a dog atop his car.

Green bullet Mitt Romney assisted in the search for his business partner's missing daughter.

Red bullet Photograph shows Mitt Romney posing with children whose shirts spell out the word "MONEY."

Red bullet Mitt Romney said he "can relate to black people" because his ancestors once owned slaves.

Red bullet Ann Romney said men "deserve to be paid at a higher rate" than women.

Red bullet Image contrasts photographs of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

Red bullet Item presents information about the "real" Mitt Romney.

Green bullet A ship named HMS Romney was once used to help enforce import duties on the British North American

Red bullet Mitt Romney's son Alexander said that "We serve our country by making money, to tell you the truth. Let the unemployed fight."

Red bullet Mitt Romney said he was "too important to go to Vietnam."

Red bullet Mitt Romney's campaign slogan, "Keep America American," is identical to a catchphrase used by the Ku Klux Klan.

Green bullet Mitt Romney said he didn't know why airplane windows don't open.

Red bullet Photograph shows Oprah Winfrey endorsing Mitt Romney for President.

Red bullet Mitt Romney's son Tagg owns an interest in a company that manufactures voting machines.

Red bullet Photograph shows a Romney/Ryan campaign cap made in China.

Green bullet Mitt Romney is facing federal ethics charges.

Red bullet NFL quarterback Tim Tebow issued a Tweet about the 2012 election results.
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