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Cell Phone Salute

Claim:   Photograph shows President Obama disembarking from Marine One and saluting while holding a cell phone to his ear.


Examples:   [Collected via e-mail, October 2012]

Saw this on Facebook wanted to know if it was real.


Origins:   This image of President Obama talking on a cell phone and simultaneously saluting while disembarking from Marine One (technically the call sign of any U.S. Marine Corps aircraft carrying the President, but generally used to refer to a helicopter operated by the HMX-1 squadron) received wide circulation in October 2012. It is a genuine photograph which was taken on 29 January 2010 upon President Obama's arrival in Baltimore.

This photograph has also been circulated in tandem with a picture of President George W. Bush disembarking from an aircraft and saluting while holding his Scottish Terrier, Barney, in one arm:

The tradition of U.S. presidents' returning military salutes (although the President is a civilian and does not wear a uniform) is a fairly recent one which began with the administration of President Ronald Reagan in 1981.

Last updated:   15 October 2012

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