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Bagged Bag

Claim:   The Zara fashion chain is selling handbags adorned with swastikas.


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, September 2009]

ZARA bags displaying a Nazi swastika....

Have a look at what Zara is offering...

It's too bad they have such nice clothes.

Zara has been openly anti-Semitic for a long time, even though it has a high sales turnover in Israel!

When threatened by an Arab boycott Zara eliminated the Israeli flag from its label with flags from other countries. As well, the shekel logo was eliminated from the price list in other countries.

Now they are selling bags with swastikas on them.

The time has come to show that Jews also know how to boycott!


Attached: picture of flowered Zara bag bearing a Nazi swastika.

We urge you to boycott all ZARA product!


Origins:   Some cultural elements have become so tainted through association with hideous people and events that their use is now proscribed and considered highly inappropriate outside of anything but a scholarly or historical context. The swastika is one such element: Although the swastika is of ancient origin and the swastika motif has been used by many different cultures over thousands of years, the Nazi Party's adoption of the symbol as their iconic emblem has so stigmatized it that its display is now anathema throughout most of the western world. (The swastika remains an accepted symbol in Indian and eastern religious cultures.)

It was no surprise, then, that when some UK outlets of the Inditex Group's chain of Zara fashion stores began to offer a handbag adorned with green swastikas at each corner in September 2007, consumers soon voiced vociferous complaints about the item:
Rachel Hatton, 19, from Ashford, Kent, said she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the symbol of the Nazi party on her bag.

"I really had to look twice. It's identical to the symbol Hitler used to cause fear throughout Europe. I took it back and got my money refunded."

Denis Fernando, the national secretary of Unite Against Fascism said: "It is completely offensive and abhorrent to millions and millions of people."
The company quickly withdrew the bag from its stores, saying it had not noticed the inclusion of the symbol and that its use was not a part of the design it had originally approved:
Zara, owned by the world's second largest fashion retailer Inditex, said it did not know the 39£ ($78) handbag had green swastikas on its corners.

The bags were made by a supplier in India and inspired by commonly used Hindu symbols, which include the swastika. The original design approved by Zara did not have swastikas on it, Inditex said.

"After the return of one bag we decided to withdraw the whole range," said a spokesman for Inditex, which has more than 3,330 stores in 66 countries.
Although the brouhaha quickly died down due to Zara's prompt action to defuse the controversy, it flared up again when outdated messages (like the example cited above) condemning Zara's swastika handbag were circulated via e-mail in September 2009, two years after the bag had been removed from the market.

Last updated:   15 November 2009

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