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Ratings Key

        Green bullet = true
        Red bullet = false
        Multiple status bullet = multiple truth values
        Yellow bullet = undetermined
        White bullet = unclassifiable veracity

Select this link for an expanded
definition of our rating system.

Multi-status bullet Photographs show a prototype of a pen-sized personal computer system.*

Green bullet Photograph shows a 1956 computer disk memory storage unit.

Green bullet Video clip shows a mid-1960s imagining of what technology would be like in the year 1999.

Red bullet Video clip reveals that a digital TV converter harbors a hidden camera and microphone.

Red bullet Video clip shows the manufacture and detonation of a home-made "binary explosive."

Red bullet Photograph shows a DeWalt-manufactured "rapid fire nail gun."

Red bullet Map issued by Australian Radiation Services shows expected path of nuclear fallout across the western United States.

Green bullet Video clip shows a wrench being duplicated by a 3D printer.

Red bullet Video clip shows a man flying with human bird wings.

Multi-status bullet Video shows a levitating car developed by Volkswagen in China.

Multi-status bullet Photograph shows an insect spy drone that can take photographs and DNA samples.

Red bullet Video clip documents the existence of a never-ending "Escherian Stairwell."

Green bullet Photograph shows a "radioactive"-looking sinkhole in Philadelphia.

Multi-status bullet Image shows radioactive water seeping into the ocean from the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Red bullet Video clip shows a car with color-changing "paramagnetic paint."

Red bullet The Cicret bracelet and app can project your smartphone onto your arm.

Multi-status bullet Photograph shows a Chinese worker seated at a rack of cell phones, manipulating App Store rankings.

Red bullet Video demonstrates how to charge your phone using body electricity.

Red bullet A video shows a game of Tetris being played on a Canon calculator.

Red bullet Samsung is stealing data and photographs from cell phone users via a secret chip implanted in their batteries.

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