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Ratings Key

        Green bullet = true
        Red bullet = false
        Multiple status bullet = multiple truth values
        Yellow bullet = undetermined
        White bullet = unclassifiable veracity

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definition of our rating system.

Multi-status bullet Photographs show rats being prepared for human consumption.

Red bullet A mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and Mountain Dew will produce a brilliant glow.

Yellow bullet Photographs show chickens being processed for human consumption in China.

Red bullet Memo from a McDonald's director advocates making a policy of omitting items from customers' drive-through orders.

Red bullet Photograph shows a frog in a jar of pickles.

Red bullet Photograph shows a can containing "fish assholes."

Yellow bullet Photograph shows a spider discovered inside an Oreo cookie.

Yellow bullet Video shows a woman drinking beer through her ear.

Yellow bullet Photograph shows a pill found in a grape purchased at WalMart.

Red bullet Photograph shows a blue Japanese fruit known as "moon melon."

Multi-status bullet Photograph documents a recent move to approve animal carcasses with cancers, tumors and open sores for human consumption.

Red bullet Photograph shows a package of NTUC FairPrice pork labeled as "halal."

Green bullet Photograph shows boxes of "inverted boneless pork rectums."

Red bullet Photographs show multi-colored 'rainbow grapes.'

Green bullet Nabisco plans to produce Red Velvet Oreos for Valentine's Day 2015.

red bullet Photograph displays a can of Coca-Cola Garlic.

red bullet Nabisco is producing Fried Chicken Oreos.

red bullet Photograph shows a bottle of Coke with the words "Share A Coke With Isis" written across the front.

red bullet McDonald's is introducing The Nightmare Before Christmas Happy Meals in October 2015.

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