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Home --> Photo Gallery --> Automobiles --> Silver Audi

Silver Audi

Claim:   Photographs show an Audi automobile made from solid silver.

Status:   Real photographs; inaccurate description.

Examples:   [Collected via e-mail, 2005]


When you are a Saudi Sheik or a CARDIOLOGIST - It really doesn't matter; when you can have your automobile custom made from .999 Pure Silver... I wish I could afford to be around with the money when he goes to trade it in....

The weight was almost tripled and it required special tires to support the load as well as all of the "Shock Absorber System". I couldn't afford the Tail Pipes! I would have to keep an "Uzi" beside me if anyone dared to scratch it or dent it! How long do you think this would last in the 5th ward of Houston, Texas to avoid a "Car Jacking"?

The "Good Ole American Dollar" helped pay for this "Toy"!

I guess the camel jockey sheik who owns this car isn't worried about how much money it takes to fill it up with gasoline!!!

It is an Audi A8, made from solid silver...that's right, SOLID SILVER!!!!

The ultimate vanity possession, I guess.

Why oil is so expensive?

Wonder where our petro dollars go?

The pics are of an Audi A8 in silver made for a Sheik - - It is not silver colored... it is made of silver!!

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

Origins:   The photographs displayed above are genuine, but they don't quite depict an automobile "made from solid silver." The shiny appearance of the Audi A8 pictured here is not due to its being made of silver, but to a customization involving a special polishing technique used to produce a chrome-like finish, for which the car's Dubai owner engaged the firm Motoren Technik Mayer (MTM), based in Wettstetten, Germany. The MTM web site describes (in slightly stilted English) the process used in the Audi's customization:
In Dubai the mtm Audi A8 polished was the eye-catcher. The car was analyzed and in many studies the enamel varnish of the aluminum car body was removed. Furthermore the car was cleaned. After that, the car body was polished with fine abrasive paper as well as special polishes to high gloss. The blank dress must not have any defects, because of the fact that retouching was not possible. Finally the car was protected with special clear varnish against environmental impacts.

Because of the fact that it is impossible to polish plastic parts like front and rear spoilers, mirror house, side sillboard or also fuel tank cap, they were enameled in a complex way to get a chrome effect. Finaly they were polished with clear varnish.
The MTM photo gallery displays the same three exterior photographs shown above, as well as three additional pictures of the car's interior.

Last updated:   21 August 2005

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