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Outdoor Kids Foundation - First Ever Essay Contest Winners

3rd Grade

Jayna Stone - Room 20

Jayna writes: - "My Fishing Trip"
One day I was packing fishing stuff. Because I was going fishing. When I was packing I couldn't wait to go. After I was done. We set off. It took a while to get there. But we got there. When we got there we had to pull out the boat. Then we got in and my Dad started it. When it started moving I saw lilly pads and turtles.

Then my Dad stopped the boat. We got the worms on the hooks. Then we threw our fishing poles in the water. My sister caught the first fish. I was jealous.

Then my Dad caught the second fish. After that I waited and waited. I finally caught one. I was so happy. Then I packed up my stuff. Went home, took a shower and lived happily ever after.


Joshua Bair

Joshua writes - Once upon a time me and my dad drove to Maple Island to hunt. We had to walk for a long time until we got to the tree stand. I have never been to the buck stand before. My dad has been there before. Now we are hunting.

We have been hunting for two hours and no deer yet. Then I heard something in the brush. The brush was about 100 yards away. Then the deer stepped out of the brush and walked this way. Now he is about 90 yards away. That is not bow range. So, we are going to have to wait. It is 6:00A.M. The deer is a 10 point. The deer is running this way. Now he is in bow range. My dad gets his deer call and calls the deer it is angle. My dad shoots and gets it! Now we are going to look for it because it ran. Do you know how to track a deer. You look for blood. We have been tracking for one hour, my dad sees the deer. We are going to drag it to the truck. It's been one hour and I see the truck and we run to the truck. Now we are there. Now we are going to go home. It's been 10 minutes now. So we are home and done with out work. THE END.

Shawna Branch - Honorable Mention Essay

"My Camping Trip"

One fine weekend in the middle of August my family decides to go on a camping trip. Our destination - Rothberry. It just happened to be a very cold weekend. We were not at all prepared. We didn't bring enough blanket's or food. But I had my fishing pole. My dad complained and wanted to go home, but my mom was determined to make it a good camping trip. We went to a grocery store and bought worm's so I could go fishing. Mom said real campers went fishing for food. Well it didn't go well. I didn't catch one fish. Instead I caught a turtle. He was the size of a dime. We put him in a bucket and took him home. Mom had given-up on our camping trip. You see dad forgot the cooler which was supposed to be in the truck first. So we had nothing for dinner. We packed up and went home. The cooler was on the porch. We got the hot-dogs out, roasted marshmallow's over the grill at home and we haven't been camping since. THE END.