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Home --> Computers --> Virus Hoaxes & Realities

Virus Hoaxes & Realities

Computers are not only now an integral part of our daily lives, they've also become the primary means by which urban legends and other pieces of misinformation are now spread — everything from "stupid computer user" stories to virus warning hoaxes (and the occasional real warning).

Green bullet Heartbleed

Green bullet Funeral Announcement

Green bullet CryptoLocker

Green bullet Zeus Virus

Green bullet Mitt Romney Almost President

Green bullet Skype virus.

Red bullet Windows Live Update virus.

Green bullet Flame Virus

Green bullet DNSChanger malware could knock users off the Internet on July 9.

Red bullet Messages offering the removal of a Facebook Timeline harbor a computer virus.

Green bullet "Nobody can watch this for more than 15 seconds" video.

Red bullet Breaking Dawn

Green bullet Uniform Traffic Ticket

Green bullet Here You Have/ Here It Is / Just for You

Red bullet New Gifts for You

Red bullet Black in the White House   (aka Black Muslim in the White House)

Green bullet Distracting Beach Babes

Green bullet A form of malware can be activated by prompting Internet Explorer users to press the F1 key.

Green bullet Messages appearing to come from Facebook friends and directing recipients to view YouTube videos harbor a virus.

Green bullet FDIC notice of bank failure

Green bullet Facebook Virus (Bredlolab)

Green bullet FDIC notice of bank failure

Multi-status bullet Facebook Fan Check

Green bullet Conficker (aka Downadup).

Green bullet Koobface

Green bullet Amazing Speech by Obama

Green bullet Obama Sex Video

Green bullet CNN News Alert

Green bullet FBI vs. Facebook

Green bullet UPS/FedEx/DHL Delivery Failure

Green bullet "Complaint made to the FTC" download.

Green bullet Robot.

Green bullet You've Received a Postcard from a Family Member!

Green bullet Storm Worm

Green bullet Mail Server Report

Multi-status bullet A (Virtual) Card for You

Green bullet New Graphic Site

Red bullet Invitation   (aka Olympic Torch, Merry Christmas)

Green bullet Kama Sutra   (aka Nyxem.E, Grew.A, Blackmal.E, MyWife.D)

Green bullet Sober.X   (aka "Illegal Websites")

Multi-status bullet Osama Hanged   (aka Hackarmy)

Multi-status bullet Osama bin Laden Captured

Red bullet Budweiser Frogs Screen Saver

Red bullet Mobile Phone Virus   (UNAVAILABLE, ACE-? or XALAN)

Green bullet Michael Jackson Suicide Attempt   (aka Troj/Borobt-Gen)

Green bullet W32.Sober.N   (aka "I've Got Your Email on My Account")

Green bullet W32.Sober.K   (aka "FBI questions about visits to illegal web sites")

Green bullet W32/VBSun-A   (aka "Tsunami Donation")

Green bullet Zafi.D

Green bullet MyDoom   (Paypal charge variant)

Green bullet Sasser

Green bullet Beagle.Q   (aka Bagle.Q)

Green bullet Beagle.J   (aka Bagle.J)

Green bullet Netsky

Green bullet Novarg   (aka MyDoom)

Green bullet Sober.C   (aka FBI Illegal Download)*

Green bullet Backdoor.Sysbug   (aka James)

Green bullet Mimail.i   (aka Paypal)

Green bullet Microsoft Patch

Red bullet Got You

Green bullet Dumaru

Green bullet Sobig.F   (W32.Sobig.F@mm)

Green bullet Blaster   (MSBlaster.exe)

Green bullet Mimail   (message.zip)

Green bullet Palyh

Green bullet Fizzer

Green bullet Ganda

Green bullet Lovgate   (W32.HLLW.Lovgate@mm)

Red bullet Christmas tree app

Green bullet Sobig   (W32.Sobig.A@mm)

Green bullet Lirva   (W32.Lirva.A@mm)

Green bullet Opening a greeting card from FriendGreetings.com can trigger a software download that will automatically send an e-card to everyone in your address book.

Green bullet Bugbear   (W32.Bugbear@mm)

Red bullet JDBGMGR.EXE   (Bear Virus)

Green bullet Klez-H   (Allhallowmas)

Red bullet Visit the New Facebook

Red bullet Life is Beautiful.pps

Green bullet MyLife   (W32.MyLife.C@mm)

Red bullet An Internet Flower for You

Green bullet Gibe

Green bullet Klez

Red bullet Hackers List

Green bullet Pictures of My Party   (W32/Myparty@mm)

Green bullet Gigger   (JS.Gigger.A@mm)

Green bullet Scherzo!

Green bullet Reeezak   (Christmas.exe)

Red bullet SULFNBK.EXE

Green bullet Goner   (gone.scr)

Green bullet BadTrans

Red bullet WTC Survivor

Green bullet Voter Virus   (Win.32.vote, wtc.exe)

Green bullet Nimda   (readme.exe)

Green bullet Code Red

Green bullet W32/SirCam

Red bullet It Takes Guts to Say Jesus

Red bullet Goodtimes (also known as Join the Crew, Penpal Greetings, Deeyenda, Irina and Win a Holiday).

Red bullet A free immunity tool will protect your PC from the Klez.E virus.

Red bullet Creating a phony entry in your address book will stop viruses from mailing themselves out from your PC.

Red bullet MusicPanel MP3 Virus

Yellow bullet Timothy McVeigh execution video

Green bullet Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (hahaha@sexyfun.net)

Green bullet Shakira's Pictures

Green bullet Microsoft Security Patch

Red bullet Dance of the Pope

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