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Consumer Relations

One of the fundamental tenets of business is to treat your customers with respect. Slip-ups occur from time to time, however, as well as the occasional mischievous prank.

Dear Rich Bastard
Test message slips into live mailing, resulting in "Dear Rich Bastard" salutation.

Part Score
Australian mine planner's letter expresses frustration at his difficulty in obtaining replacement parts for a Nissan-manufactured bus.

A Mysterious Roofing Job
Roofers mysteriously return to re-do a job that had been completed four years earlier.

Passed Tense
A teenager whose mother had died received a government check mailed to "Mrs. Passed Away."

Brown Out
Lawyer received caustic response after complaining to the Cleveland Browns about fans' throwing paper airplanes.

A Ford Able
Gangster Clyde Barrow sent a fan letter to Henry Ford.

The Bedbug Letter
Apology letter is marred by attached instruction to send the customer the standard grovel.

Letter to Free Wives
Airline promotion reveals husbands' infidelities to their wives.

Return to Spender
A customer successfully wheedled a refund for a tire out of Nordstrom, a chain of U.S. clothiers.

The Fired Drill
Large company effects massive layoff via fire drill.

Cabbage Patch Death Certificates
Coleco sends death certificates to children who return damaged Cabbage Patch dolls.

Fortune Cookie
Neiman-Marcus charged a customer $250 for their cookie recipe.

Liz Biz
Designer Liz Claiborne announced on a TV talk show that she doesn't design clothes for black women because their "hips are too big."

Tommy Rot
Designer Tommy Hilfiger announced on a TV talk show that he does not want blacks and Asians to buy his clothes.

Continental Divide
Continental Airlines CEO Gordon Bethune threw a passenger off an airplane for being rude to a flight attendant.

Mush Vroom Pizza
Domino's Pizza ended its "30 minutes or it's free" guarantee because a speeding delivery driver hit and killed a child.

What's the meaning of those "Attention service desk, 201" announcements heard in Vons and Safeway stores?

Did a woman really find a bunch of maggots living inside a package of Huggies diapers?

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